Ok so here’s another rant that became a blog post. This 1 is for my people who work or want to work in fashion. I was discussing with someone something I learned within the last 2 yrs or so studying style & fashion. I like to call it “The Decision” Not like Lebron. This decision is a difficult one though. Fashion folks, espesially designers, have to make the decision to either SHOW or GIVE. I know those words are similar so I’ll explain the difference. Many of todays young people want the spotlight for their talent. Instead of GIVING their talent to the world they want to SHOW it off. The line gets blurry sometimes but ultimately the GIVING gets you all the spotlight you need. What I’ve learned from studying my favorites like Boateng, RL, Marc Jacobs, even the Bk Circus is that they  pretty much GIVE everything they have to their designing and creating. Very few people can do both. Tom Ford is one, Boateng is another. They have that charm, balance and  focus. Up until about 2-3 yrs ago Marc Jacobs looked like a chain smoking bum. He didn’t care because he gave his all to fashion. He decided to make a change and find balance now he shows of in Bang cologne ads. Fashion, good fashion, is EXTREMELY demanding & u have to commit totally. You’ll always get more from GIVING than SHOWING.

The whole point here is what Yohji Yamamoto says “you’re going to decide to sacrifice your life for the beauty” And that’s just how it is. Now check out this interview below with the great wise designer.

SHOWstudio: In Conversation with Yohji Yamamoto from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.