If you’ve browsed through the new MeetiQuell.com layout you’ll see that I’ve added a section for Personal Shopping & Styling Services. I’ve never considered myself a “stylist” but by default I’ve been performing the duties of a stylist here and there for my friends and other associates. I’ve  always thought of it as just lending a helping hand. Even strangers have approached me about helping them find clothes and improving their “look”. When I say strangers I mean total randoms from security guards to passers-by to police officers. I enjoy it so it’s never felt like a job or something worth screaming about. Lately though people just assume thats what I am. I  just embrace the gift I have for finding and selecting nice clothes for myself and others.


Now just because I’m telling you this over the Internet doesn’t make it true or proves that I’m actually good at it right? Right! Therefore, I’ve decided to show what little of what I do know with this new “Cyber Closet” column. From time to time I’ll drop posts of complete outfits that I’ve found and put together after e-browsing. The “Cyber Closet” looks reflect my personal style but if you’d like to pull from these looks or have questions it’s all good. I got this idea from Polyvore, a site where women can browse and shop through looks created by other stylists and then mix and match what they want . Well this is my personal Polyvore of sorts. With each post I’ll give product names, price and where to find the items  as well as a brief summary of my thoughts on the look. Here’s look #1:

1. Band of Outsiders Striped Crewneck -  price ??? Sold out on Mr. Porter

2. Broken-in Slim fit Chino (British Khaki) – $65 from J. Crew

3. Happy Sock – $12 at Park & Bond

4. Common Project “Premium” Achilles – $449 at RSVP Gallery


Long Sleeve Button Oxford – $29.90 from Uniqlo

This is a casual look that I’d wear to the office on dress down Friday or to a museum on the weekend or out to lunch. Its just a versatile look that not too leisure. The sweater colors are more for Spring but you can’t really go wrong with Band of Outsiders at any time. Slim cut chinos are just more comfortable to me than relaxed or bootcut. Besides bootcut chinos would totally cover up the awesome Common Project sneakers. While I’m on the shoes it wouldn’t hurt to go with the pure white version of these low tops as oppose to the off-white, cream color. I feel like socks are a personality piece. They don’t have to match they just have to be comfortable. These argyle socks could be any color. This bonus piece is just in case I have to do a little layering on a chilly day. I’d through on a button down oxford. Pull on the crewneck and hit the streets. FYI: I actually have this shirt from Uniqlo. I had to get it tailored to my liking but for 29 bucks plus the price of alterations you’d still come out cheaper than a J.Crew or Ralph Lauren slim fit oxford.