1. Check Blazer w/ Suede contrast elbow patches – $196.96 by Vito available at ASOS

2. Dry Flat Selvage Denim (Thinn Finn Fit) – $275 at Nudie Jeans

3. Cashmere Pullover Hoodie – $325 by DKNY

4. Brogue Boots- $485 by Mark McNairy for Standard available at StandardAtl

5. Double Mackinaw Wool Cap- $60 by Filson available at Park&Bond

Bonus: Watch strap – $20 by J.Crew

My 3rd fashion week look features a shoe by everyone’s favorite shoe designers right now, Mark McNairy. The way he has spiced up bucks, brogues, and boots has changed the whole game. He hooked up with Standard in ATL for 3 pair of wingtip brogue boots. All three are awesome but I’ll go with the white wedge heel. (It never hurts for me to look a little bit taller) The black and navy color way is cool because of the mix of fabric and that’ll go perfect with raw denim jeans. I’ll pull the Thinn Finn Nudies back out to break them in a bit more. This layered look includes a hoodie and blazer. This once was cool, then it became corny, now its whatevs. Who cares about rules in fashion? If you’re rocking it right rules don’t apply. The reason the hoodie/blazer combo washed out is that designers made wack pieces that had the two attached. It never looked quite right. Another factor were the not-so-stylish types looking for a trend to hop on so that they looked fashionable. They murdered the whole look for everyone. With the hoodie/blazer combo keep it slim and keep it good quality. Cashmere is top notch, start there with the hoodie, especially in winter. The grey and navy check blazer shows a bit of flavor but still blends with overall tone/color of this look. Elbow patches add a little umph. Pop on the Double Mackinaw Wool Cap to keep my thoughts warm and it’s all good. The cap shows a little fearlessness and if I really want to get swanky I’ll switch the color of the watch strap on my Timex (like I did here) and head out to the first engagement for Friday at NYFW.