I had a conversation with my buddy the other day. He works behind the
scenes in the fashion industry. He’s gained quite a bit of experience over
the last few years and recently landed a nice new gig with a popular flash sale
site. With his experience and the fact that we have similar taste I
always look to him for a bit of insight. He shared a few thoughts with
me and all of them could be separate blog posts. The thing he said to
me that stood out most was “you have to flex on ‘em sometimes Q”. That really shocked me. We haven’t known each other for a really long time nor do we talk often but him saying that gave me more confidence. He said he’s been watching my moves through social networks and sees my progress. He’s a private, low-key guy, very humble guy but he mentioned to me that sometimes you have to flex on folks and assert yourself and let them know that you know you’re good at something and that you know what’s going on.

He says that the rules to the game are out of the window and being humble and working hard won’t be the only things that get you ahead. He says that you have to mix it up with the fakers and “let your nuts hang on ‘em” so that they know you’re really about that life, that you’re not scared and that you’re living what you’re talking about. Of course all of this pertained to the glossy fashion and entertainment industry where everyone claims to be everything just for attention. I tend to refrain from talking a lot about fashion and style other than on my blog as to avoid getting labeled as being full of hot air or jumping on this super cool, fly bandwagon. There are a lot of people who try to use brand names or name drop to try to prove that they’re somebody special in the game. I don’t do any of that. I just show up. I may be somebody, at least in this city, but I don’t act like it and maybe I should a little more. I know what I do. I know styleI know menswear design. I’m a great shopper. I know a bit about blogging. I don’t feel I have a point to prove but actually I should.

I should be proving that I’m a step ahead and above. That I’m not mediocre. That I do study my passion. That I’m not just doing it for attention. That my taste is what defines my character. That I can move in room full of vultures. This doesn’t just apply to me but to everyone. If you know you’re good, you have to move around in the world as such. You don’t have to be cocky but you shouldn’t humble yourself so much that you’re on mute. I shouldn’t be afraid to show my strengths and neither should anyone else. I thanked my friend greatly for giving me that pep talk and letting me know that people see me and if they don’t make them. Just like that great Party Boyz said “hit em with the flex they gon’ be began for some mo”

(below is an incredible version of that song)