1. Alpha Khaki – $64 (on sale) by Dockers
  2. Hopsack Blazer – $695 by Gant Rugger available at Singer22
  3. Long Sleeve Button Oxford – $29.90 from Uniqlo
  4. Country Brogue Boot – $385 by Mark McNairy available at Park & Bond
  5. Canvas Tote bag – $235 by Want Les Essentials De La Vie available at Park & Bond
  6.  Woven Belt – $50 by Bonobos

  1. Alpha Khaki – $64 (on sale) by Dockers
  2. Levi Slim Fit Trucker Jacket – $169 by Levi’s at Levi.com
  3. M&N Canucks Snapback – $400 by Just Don
  4. Black Scoop Neck tee – $90 by Acne at Mr. Porter
  5. Black “Cement” 3 – $150 (sold out) by Jordan Brand


Back towards the end of 2010 I felt like my closet was incomplete because I didn’t have anything camo. I bought cool little snapback by Acapulco Gold to hold me over. I still felt like I needed more but I couldn’t think of what then I saw some great slim cut camo trousers and I knew that’s what I needed. Unfortunately, when I went to buy them they were all sold out and until this day my closet is still lacking camo. I may have another chance at satisfying my need for camo with these chino by Dockers which are the main feature of Cyber Closet looks 12 and 13. Yes two looks for these pants because they just inspired me in such a way I had to bless these more than once because if/when I do find these I’ll be wearing them often.

The first look is neat and clean. I wouldn’t say this is dressy but it’s not a leisure look at all. The awesome part about these chinos is that they are cut slim and modern not plain and boxy like your dad or granddad may have worn his khakis. The modern silhouette allows you to dress these up a bit, maybe not for the corporate office on casual Friday, but if you’re your own boss taking meetings or stepping out these are great. The easiest way for a man to look dressed up is to the put on a well fitting blazer/sports jacket. Navy is a staple you can never go wrong with. I could pick a blazer from many different brands but I went this one from Gant Rugger because its sporty but tough enough to build on the camo vibe. The gold buttons give a little pop and lets the world know that I really do know exactly what I’m doing. There are just as many brands making great brogues as there are making navy blazers but I’m going with McNairy because I favor his variety of colors and materials. Just about any dark color brogue, high or low would be cool with this look but I’m feeling green and the suede on these high top brogues feel as good as cash money in your hands. Unless you’re in a uniform or office, belts are normally a personality piece. I feel like I’m expressing myself enough with the pants so I’ll keep the belt simple and just have it compliment the look. Put on my go to tailored oxford from Unqilo and I’m straight. Here’s a tip that too many men tend to forget: If you’re wearing a button up shirt and a jacket, ALWAYS  tuck your shirt in. It looks sloppy, ill fitting and confusing otherwise. I’m always down to try new brands but when I find something I like I tend to stick with it. I like what I see from Want Les Essentiels so I roll with it. Their bags feel like luxury without all the monogram prints. This color goes well with this fit.

Like I said before these pants were just so good I had to do two looks for them. This is my “I’m on the grind but I need to stop pass the mall” look. Straight leisure street gear. The reason why camo is either so good or so bad is because it doesn’t match anything in particular but it goes with everything. Since I’m dressed down it’s almost automatic that I’m going with my denim jacket. I could go with a graphic tee but I feel like this all black swoop neck is a better look. Swoop necks seem to be picking up in the market for this Spring and Summer. They’re less risky than the horrible deep-v necks people were wearing but they still execute the really relax feel. I had a tough time thinking about what shoes I’d wear with this look and then it dawned on me, “Jordan 3’s man duh!” The icing on the cake though is the vintage cap from JustDon. The buzz for them has died down a bit since they first dropped but they’re still hot to me. I chose the FAMU hat because my good homie RG went there so I feel like I’m repping for my fellow HBCU peeps. Like the saying goes “variety is the spice of life” so you’ve got to be able to switch it up from time to time and execute WELL folks. There you have it my two for one look featuring Dockers Alpha Khaki camo chinos.

(P.S If you find these in a 30 waist send me a link or phone # please)