1. Patterned Parka Jacket – $158 by Humor Men’s at Oki-Ni
  2. 5 Panel Selvedge Denim Snapback Cap – $50.00 by RF for Kith at KithNYC
  3. Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt- $48.00 at Topman
  4. Soft Raw Denim Jeans – $230 by Acne at Mr. Porter
  5. Canvas Tote bag – $325 by Want Les Essentiels De La Vie at Mr. Porter
  6. Tassel Loafer – $140 at Dr. Martens


This is what I’ll call my “urbane heritage” look. All the classic casual pieces you may see from a heritage brand assembled together with a mellow, savvy, city vibe. This passed weekend I took a trip to NY and while I was there I decided to swing pass Kith Manhattan location that was recently spotlighted by GQ.com . I’ve visited Kith before but I took a bit more time to check for anything I may not have spotted during my last visit. One of the new items in stock were these loafers by Dr. Marten. Dr. Marten is a staple brand that’s been around since the 60′s. I’ve always admired the brand but I never felt it was for me thanks to all the Goths and weirdoes who made the brand popular when I was in middle and high school. (if I wasn’t busy trying to be “cool” I would’ve had a pair). Anyway…the outsole is white version of the famous cushion air sole that made the boots so recognizable. The contrasting white tassels look great against the smooth brown leather upper. A new collection of caps from Quinton designed by Mr. Fieg had just hit Kith as well and this selvedge joint was too good to go unnoticed.

I after hiking a few blocks down Broadway I had a chance to try on some Acne jeans for the first time. They fit great so I figured I’d find a way to fit them into a blog post. The dark indigo is soft and made for instant comfort. Since I was shopping on Broadway I popped in Topman to see if I could find any stand out pieces amongst the masses of clothes and customers. Some of the most noticeable pieces were the oxford and chambray shirts.  The short sleeve style looks really smart paired with the right denim jeans. The stand out piece for this look of course is the patterned parka, which may come in handy this spring to keep a stylish guy dry as he moves around the city. The pattern is bold but the colors are toned down a bit so you’ll turn heads without making people squint their eyes and frown. The grey colorway of the Want Les Essentiels tote meshes well with the rest of the look and the leather trimming is a great compliment to the loafers that most won’t notice.  From the selvedge denim on the cap to the white leather tassles every detail matters for this look, now I’m on my way.