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Favorite White Sneaker for Spring/Summer 2012

Favorite White Sneaker for Spring/Summer 2012

1. Jack Purcell – $70 by Converse – The canvas low-top Jack Purcell sneaker is so classic. I had a navy pair back in college around 99-00 and my buddy used to call them the Jack McClusky’s. I have know idea where he got that name from. It was just his was of teasing me...
ABSS Quell Collections Showcase

ABSS Quell Collections Showcase

“Street wear like rap see..alotta HYPE!” – Wale, The Hype “A Mixtape About Nothing” I showed you a little preview of what Quell Collections had in store for the Annual Baltimore Sneaker Show last week, now its time to see what really went down. SHOWTIME!!!! (in my Swizz Beats voice) Before I start I must...
T.G.I.F - Adidas Superstar 80's vs. Adidas Superstar 2.0

T.G.I.F – Adidas Superstar 80′s vs. Adidas Superstar 2.0

This weekend was a really productive weekend for me as far as shopping. I checked off an item from my yearly “Things to purchase” list and I only bought 1 full price item. Everything else was on sale. The story behind this blog post starts about 3 weeks ago when I paid a visit to...

T.G.I.F – Flight School

Flight School from Quintel Harcum on Vimeo. Flight School from Quintel Harcum on Vimeo. Since today is the last day of the work week for me. That makes today my Friday, and since its my Friday I can drop a T.G.I.F post. This post is a little different from my previous T.G.I.F post. No still...
Ranson by Adidas "The Valley" High

Ranson by Adidas “The Valley” High

I had a chance to see some of Ransom by Adidas work up close and personal one time at David Z. in NY. Really great quality! These kind of jump out at me because I’m a big fan of suede. Peep the navy colorway below. I prefer the Grey. Spotted at
T.G.I.F. - Adidas: My Blue Suede Shoes

T.G.I.F. – Adidas: My Blue Suede Shoes

“I even crush Elvis in his blue suede shoes” – Jay-Z, Reminder, BP3 If Nike is the front runner in the Unites States in the arena of athletic shoes and apparel with their style, function, branding, and product placement, then all the credit goes to its rival Adidas for dominating those same categories within the...
Jeremy Scott JS Wing Adidas

Jeremy Scott JS Wing Adidas

“Let me take you to flight school” I know these have been out for quite sometime now like late ’08-early ’09 so I’ll go ahead and take my late pass, but over the passed weekend I had a chance to see the JS Wing by Jeremy Scott for Adidas up close and personal. When I...